Pest inspections the best defence for Geelong properties

September 30, 2015

Once pests have invaded your home or business, it can feel like a threat to your security. Bay City Pest Control specialises in pest inspections in Geelong and the surrounding areas.

Our service can be both proactive and reactive – there are measures you can take to pest-proof your home and prevent an infestation, and if pests have already invaded your home, our expert analysis will contribute to an efficient and long-lasting solution.

Proactive pest inspections

These are recommended annually for some pests, to prevent the likelihood of a pest invasion. A pest inspection will analyse all structures on your property and identify any weaknesses or points susceptible to pests. Our highly skilled pest inspectors will combine any findings with their expert knowledge of local factors, including:

  • type of home and materials used
  • time of year
  • weather
  • surrounding conditions
  • any pest history.

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your home and surroundings, we will deliver a report and recommendations on protecting your home.

Reactive pest inspections

If you’ve been caught by surprise, and find evidence of pests in your home or anywhere on your property – the first thing to do is book an inspection. It’s best to let the experts handle the finding and removal of pests, as any disturbance can cause them to relocate their nest or colony.

Bay City Pest Control have more than 10 years’ experience conducting pest inspections across Geelong and surrounding areas. We know what to look for in different style homes and which areas are most likely to have issues with particular pests.

Our service is tailored to suit each situation, and can feature the following steps:

  • analysis of any damage in your home to determine what type of pest we’re dealing
  • monitoring of pest activity to find the scale of infestation and locate the nest or colony.

This allows us to develop an effective and fast-acting solution, getting your home back to normal and restoring your peace of mind.

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Bay City Pest Control is familiar with all local and national rules and regulations surrounding pest inspections in Geelong. All methods and products used are environmentally friendly, as well as completely safe for children and pets.