Fleas are an unwelcome guest in Geelong and district homes that turn up uninvited and often through no fault of your own. Your pets can pick up fleas from other pets, or from beaches, parks and other outdoor places. Fleas can also be brought into your home by mice and other rodents. The best treatment is a mixture of pro-active pest control for your pet, and engaging a Geelong flea extermination professional from Bay City Pest Control.

Fleas are parasites that need blood from a host to survive. They tend to prefer furry hosts, and can commonly be found on domesticated or wild animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents.

How to tell if you have a flea problem:

  • your pet is biting or scratching its fur
  • fleas can also bite humans, so check for any skin irritations
  • you might be able to see the fleas in your pet’s fur – they’re about an inch long and a reddish-brown colour
  • check your pet’s fur and your home for flea droppings – small black spots that resemble ground¬†pepper
  • although fleas can’t fly, you might see them jumping from your pet to surfaces in your home.

There are several actions you can take to get rid of fleas in your home to help kill the current infestation:

  • thoroughly vacuum household surfaces and furnishings like rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture to remove any living fleas, as well as clearing your home of any flea food sources
  • groom your pet with a flea comb and wash their bedding regularly
  • check your home for rats, mice and other animals that might be bringing fleas inside.

To ensure you treat the root cause of the problem and remove all traces and lifestages, including eggs, engage a flea extermination specialist for a long-term solution.

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