If your home is under threat from termites, you might feel like the ground is quite literally falling away from under you. There’s no need to panic – Bay City Pest Control uses the world-renowned EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System to safely and efficiently give you back control of your home.

The environmentally friendly EXTERRA system offers a unique low-toxicity, family-friendly termite treatment for Geelong and district. It’s safe for children and pets, and causes little disruption to your home lifestyle.

All EXTERRA stations are barcoded, so results are recorded and tracked by your EXTERRA Authorised Officer at Bay City Pest Control.

The end-to-end termite treatment features:

  • installation of in-ground stations around your property – timber interceptors act as termite bait, identifying termite colonies. Concrete options are also available for properties surrounded by concrete, with a cap that seals flush to the surface
  • if termites have already entered your home, we can install special above-ground termite baiting stations – these are a fast and efficient termite killer, which are removed after the colony has been exterminated.

Unlike many other termite treatments on the market, the patented EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System allows termite detection and baiting without disturbing the termites. This is especially important – if termites are disturbed, the colony will move, and the detection process must begin again.

Each termite baiting station uses REQUIEM termite bait, which studies have shown appeals more to termites than the timbers in your house. Once termites begin feeding on REQUIEM, the termite killer is transported back to the colony and slowly transmitted, exterminating the entire population.

Bay City Pest Control offers ongoing, year-round termite pest control with the EXTERRA system:

  • after the termite colony has been exterminated, any remaining REQUIEM is removed from the baiting stations
  • above-ground stations are removed
  • in-ground baiting stations are fitted with new timber interceptors to maintain constant monitoring ability.

We’re proud to offer a specialised, highly-efficient termite treatment, giving Geelong residents and business owners peace of mind. Please contact us for more information or a free quote.

If you think you have a timber pest or termite problem, we offer termite inspections in Geelong and district as well as barriers and other termite prevention.

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