Termites and other timber pests are common to Geelong and district homes. Unfortunately, most of the damage they cause happens underground, and can be hard to detect. The best defence is a good offence, and there are several ways you can actively protect your home.

No matter the age or stage of your home, Bay City Pest Control offers termite prevention and control methods in Geelong, to reduce the likelihood of a termite infestation and minimise the damage to your property.

Termite monitoring

Termites are subterranean – meaning most of their activity occurs underground – making them hard to detect. That’s where professional pest controllers come in. We’ll place monitoring stations around your property to analyse termite and timber pest behaviour. Monitoring is the first step in termite prevention, allowing us to detect the pests before they get to your home and cause significant damage.

We can also help with Geelong pest inspections for a range of common pests in your home or business.

Chemical and physical termite barriers

Physical barriers are designed to monitor the presence of termites or timber pests around your property. Our termite prevention experts will place these around the perimeter of your property and monitor signs of termite life. If the ground around the barrier is raised, it’s a sign that termites are trying to burrow or dig around the barrier.

Chemical termite barriers come in both repellent and non-repellent forms:

  • repellent chemical barrier treatments will kill termites on contact, and prevent further termite activity around that location
  • non-repellent termite control methods are designed to be transported back to the colony and transmitted via touch, exterminating the entire termite population.

These termite barrier treatments can be applied to soil around your home, whether under concrete slabs or around fences at the perimeter of your property.

Pre-construction termite barriers

These are chemical or physical barriers installed when you build or renovate your home. Chemical barriers include surface treatments for concrete slabs, while physical barriers involve materials installed in the timber structures to prevent termites entering your building during and after construction. When they can’t access the building, termites will search elsewhere for entry points or food, and their tunnels will become visible.

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Our expert pest exterminators can also help with bee removal, rodent control and cockroach extermination.