Silverfish might look harmless enough, but they can do serious damage to clothing, photographs, paintings, books and other starchy household items. Don’t let their destructive eating habits go unnoticed – call the silverfish pest control expert Geelong relies on to rid you of an infestation.

Silverfish are nocturnal and tend to be secretive, so often the first sign of an infestation will be when you see a silverfish in your home. Look out for the following features:

  • silvery-bluish appearance, sometimes also white or grey
  • tear-shaped body, roughly 10-20mm long and covered in scales
  • two long antennae on the head
  • three bristles at the rear.

Silverfish are remarkably speedy and tend to seek out damp, dark places to hide during the day. Common areas they inhabit include:

  • kitchens
  • wardrobes or closets
  • bathrooms
  • basements
  • laundries
  • garages
  • attics
  • sheds.

 Silverfish pest management in Geelong homes

If you notice a silverfish in your home or see the tell-tale damage on clothing or walls, it’s important to take action quickly, as silverfish breed rapidly. Preventative action includes:

  • silverfish feed on carbohydrates like starch, glucose and sugar – clean and vacuum regularly to remove food sources like dust, debris and other household material
  • improve ventilation in your home and reduce humidity
  • seal any leaks in pipework
  • keep food and drinks in air-tight, sealed containers and store these in a pantry or larder.

Sprays and other treatments can provide a temporary solution, but you should call a silverfish exterminator to permanently rid your property of an infestation.

We’ll undertake a property pest inspection and create a pest management plan targeting adult silverfish and their eggs. All treatments used by Bay City Pest Control are non-harmful for the family and any pets, as well as environmentally approved.

We also have proven spider pest control methods and offer ant exterminators in Geelong.

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