Most people have had the unpleasant experience of being stung by a bee or wasp. In most cases, while it hurts at the time, it’s not a life-threatening occurrence. However, a bee or wasp sting can cause anaphylaxis in serious allergy cases. Bay City Pest Control has Geelong covered for bee removal and flying pest extermination .

Bee removal in Geelong

A swarm of bees can look threatening, but in many cases does not pose direct harm to you or your family. For honeybees, swarming is a natural part of the lifecycle and a means of reproduction. Once the swarm or colony settles in a location, it becomes a nest.

Bees tend to nest in dark, sheltered enclosures and are commonly found in:

  • trees
  • walls
  • vents
  • chimneys
  • letterboxes
  • roofs
  • under balconies or other garden structures.

If bee removal and relocation is required, Bay City Pest Control has the resources to help. In circumstances where hive destruction is required, our team specialises in efficient eco-friendly extermination methods.

Wasp nest exterminators

Wasps are often found close to homes, as they’re drawn to sweet foods and drinks. Unlike bees, wasps can continue to sting, inflicting intense pain and swelling in more serious cases. With a lack of natural predators, the most effective way to remove a wasp infestation is to exterminate the queen by destroying the nest. For responsible and reliable wasp nest removal, call Bay City Pest Control for a free quote.

We’re the high-quality pest controllers Geelong homes and businesses rely on for fast and effective removal of a wide range of other flying insects, including:

  • flies
  • moths
  • mosquitoes.

We’ll help you keep your home or business disease-free, and our Geelong flea extermination service helps your four-legged friends stay clean too.