Termites are a common pest in many homes across Australia, especially in larger cities such as Geelong. If a termite infestation is left without proper treatment, it can cause significant and expensive structural damage to your home. A termite inspection is the first step in a comprehensive treatment plan for:

  • early detection of a termite or timber pest problem
  • identification of problem or susceptible areas in your home for pro-active termite prevention

Bay City Pest Control offers the most professional pre-purchase timber pest and termite inspections Geelong has to offer for homes and commercial properties. We assess the structural integrity and potential susceptibility to termite activity.

Pro-active – recommended annually for early termite detection

Annual inspections of your home and property are essential for early detection of termite activity, before a full-blown infestation causes expensive damage to your home and exterior structures.

Our inspection:

  • includes looking at existing termite barriers to detect whether termites have built around them
  • assesses the likelihood or susceptibility of your home to a termite pest problem.

Our qualified Geelong timber pest control experts assess local conditions and house materials to determine the termite risk. Our comprehensive termite inspection takes other local factors into account, including:

  • surrounding conditions
  • time of year
  • weather
  • wood types
  • points of weakness in your house or exterior structures.

Early detection of termite activity through an inspection allows our pest control team to create an effective termite treatment plan, based on the type of timber pest, their habits and the severity of damage.

Reactive – identify termite infestation to create a termite treatment plan

If you’ve seen evidence of termite activity in your home, our termite inspection service will check all areas of your home. Commonly susceptible areas include:

  • basements
  • foundations
  • all visible and accessible timbers.

Termite detection involves identifying the type of termite and creating a fast-acting treatment plan, targeting their specific characteristics.

All Bay City Pest Control termite inspectors are highly trained professionals, up to date with building and timber industry regulations and local and government timber pest management regulations.

Please contact us to book your pre-purchase pest inspection or termite detection service.

We offer a fully comprehensive termite and timber pest control service, including termite prevention methods and a range of termite treatments across Geelong.