Don’t let termites undermine your house and your comfort. Bay City Pest Control offers peace of mind with our expert termite control methods across Geelong and surrounds.

No matter what stage your termite problem, we have the non-invasive, environmentally friendly treatment solutions that are safe for children and pets alike.

  • Termite inspections are recommended annually for two reasons:
    • early termite detection – because termites are subterranean pests, there may be structural damage to your property that indicates a termite infestation
    • identifying a current termite infestation and creating the best termite pest control plan based on the type of termite and severity of damage
  • Termite prevention includes monitoring and termite barrier treatments to actively protect your home from the threat and damage termites cause
  • Termite treatment using the patented EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System for fast, effective and permanent termite pest control.

All termite pest control products and methods are environmentally friendly, designed to achieve optimum results for both commercial and residential properties, at the least inconvenience to our clients.

Please call us for a free quote on your next pest inspection.

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Termite Inspections

Termites are a common pest in many homes across Australia, especially in larger cities such as Geelong. If a termite infestation is left without proper treatment, it can cause significant and expensive structural damage to your home. A termite inspection is the first step in a comprehensive treatment plan for: early detection of a termite or...
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Termite Prevention

Termites and other timber pests are common to Geelong and district homes. Unfortunately, most of the damage they cause happens underground, and can be hard to detect. The best defence is a good offence, and there are several ways you can actively protect your home. No matter the age or stage of your home, Bay City Pest...
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Termite Treatment

If your home is under threat from termites, you might feel like the ground is quite literally falling away from under you. There’s no need to panic – Bay City Pest Control uses the world-renowned EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System to safely and efficiently give you back control of your home. The environmentally friendly EXTERRA...
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