As their name suggests, pests are a pest. Not only can they make your home uncomfortable, but they can cause serious and sometimes long-term damage to commercial properties. It’s important to implement fast and effective pest control to minimise the damage and ensure your business can continue to operate.

Bay City Pest Control specialises in commercial pest management and control across Geelong and surrounding areas. We understand the problems pests contribute to, including:

  • loss of customers
  • loss of income
  • fines
  • structural damage
  • permanent closure.

Commercial pest control

Bay City Pest Control solutions are ideal for retail businesses, cafes, restaurants, shops, warehouses, schools and medical centres, as well as across the healthcare and food manufacturing industries.

We offer a range of commercial pest control services, including:

  • pest inspections
  • service reports
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • insurance reports (as required)
  • audit reports
  • risk assessments.

Commercial clients can also access more information on Material Safety Data Sheets.


Bay City Pest Control is HACCP-compliant and uses environmentally friendly products. Our expert pest controllers are familiar with all Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations required for commercial pest control.

We can advise on the most effective treatments for a variety of pests, including everything from bee removal to rodent control, cockroach extermination, ant pest control and termite prevention in Geelong and beyond.

Please contact Bay City Pest Control for a free quote, or take a look at our pest management FAQ for more information.