Ants are one of the most common pests, especially over the long and hot Australian summer. It’s a familiar sight for most homeowners – arriving home to find a winding trail of ants across your kitchen or bathroom floor. We’ve got more than a decade’s experience delivering lasting ant pest control for homes and businesses across Geelong.

Often a simple bug spray won’t work. It might kill the ants in the immediate area, but if you don’t address the source, you’ll come back to find the trail re-established.

We’ve got the experienced ant exterminators to deliver reliable and long-term solutions to your ant problem. You won’t need to worry about spraying harmful chemicals throughout your home – our ant pest control methods are environmentally friendly.

Our ant exterminators will conduct a pest inspection and determine the most successful treatment, based on the type of ant.

What can you do to aid ant pest control?

  • keep food tightly sealed
  • clean up any sticky substances such as honey, softdrinks and other sugary items
  • keep benches, sinks and other surfaces dry
  • thoroughly rinse your used food containers – don’t leave them out overnight
  • seal any cracks, crevices or exposed joints around your property
  • use weather strips to prevent ants entering under doors, windows or other openings
  • Contact the Bay City Pest Control exterminators for a permanent solution.

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