Keep out winter pests with Geelong pest control experts

August 31, 2015

During the damp winter months, your home or business can be suscpetible to a number of nasty pests. No matter whether you’ve just noticed a creepy-crawly running along your floor, or if you’ve got a full-blown infestation, we offer reliable and affordable professional pest control in Geelong.

The dark and often damp conditions during winter are often perfect for pests, especially those seeking protection from the harsh weather outside and a warm place to nest. Silverfish and moths seek damp, dark places to hide during the day and chew away at your clothes, paintings, books and photographs at night. Cockroaches need very little to survive – not even their heads! Although more active in the warmer months, they love central heating just as much as we do.

Our comprehensive pest control will:

  • identify the type of pest
  • assess the severity of the infestation
  • work out how the pests are entering your home or business
  • deliver a pest control plan to remove the current infestation
  • provide recommendations on how to prevent future pest problems.

What makes our pest control so effective? We know Geelong. We know the weather, the landscape and local conditions that affect pest numbers and can successfully combat these to protect your home, business, family and pets.

All our pest control methods are environmentally friendly and non-harmful to children and pets. If you need fast and effective pest control in Geelong, please contact us.